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CyTaka Hack - Getting started

How to enter CyTaka Hack virtual cyber competition and win prizes:


Step 1

Download the CyTaka App and Register Then start to answer information security questions and climb up the ranks from Beginner level to Expert level (only Expert level requires subscription)

Step 2

After you become an Expert - go to the Expert zone


Step 3

After you join CyTaka Hack and the competition starts, you can click on CyTaka Hack Zone and begin as the countdown gets to Zero


Step 4

Click 'NEXT' to open the challenges


Step 5

After you successfully Hack the challenge and catch the flag, write it inside the text box


Step 6

Pay attention to write the Flag inside the text box accurately

To upload your Flag code click 'NEXT'


You have only 3 attempts to enter the correct Flag and if it’s correct you will receive the next challenge


Step 7

Anytime you input the correct flag you will see it registered in the Top Hack table next to name

The first competitor to complete the maximum number of Flags is the winner

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